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Subject:  Completely OT, but gotta ask Date:  9/25/2008  11:40 PM
Author:  shtnipmiR Number:  28357 of 37163

Sorry for being completely off-topic for the C&VG board, but I don't know a better place to post this. And I don't mean to put anybody on the spot, but I will anyway because he knocked me out the WarCraft 3 tournament, so maybe he'll excuse it just this once as a favor in return. So here we go...JonBeer, do you have any observations about the current events on Wall Street?

I ask you because weren't you working at the center of all this until recently? Didn't you spend your days trading the bonds, CDOs, and credit derivatives that are now so controversial? I'm curious if you have any personal insights into what's going on, or if you have any anecdotes about your colleagues and how they are reacting to all these events. I don't know anybody around these boards who has more firsthand experience than you in buying and selling these financial instruments that we Americans will soon own. I know you through this board, so I figured that I'd ask here.

Again, sorry for putting you on the spot, but if you have any spare time to share your thoughts I for one would really appreciate them.

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