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Subject:  Stuff People Could Do For Me Date:  9/22/2009  2:40 PM
Author:  dianakalt Number:  22842 of 40285

Ever notice how tons of people say that they will do whatever you need whenever your family member is sick/in the hospital, and yet sometimes you still can't get what you need?

I need the following:

a) I need to not have to worry about working while this crap is going on. I have a great work ethic - fabulous in fact. Yet, even if you let me work remotely I really wish I didn't HAVE to. Yes, I know I can go negative on PTO (since I'm brand new at my job) but who the heck wants to do that when they may get sick themselves?

b) I need a big fat bowl of red thai curry with some duck or chicken in it, thankyouverymuch. What I end up with is Taco John's. Not.The.Same.

c) I need lessons on how to help bathe a big guy so's he gets clean and we don't create a swimming pool in the hospital room.

d) I need sleep. A lot of it. PLEASE.

e) I need everyone to shut their fat trap about how much more or less time I should be spending at the hospital with my hubby. I don't want to spend FIVE SECONDS here, you jacka$$es. I also don't want to spend FIVE SECONDS away from him, either. I will do what makes sense to me on a given day and you can subsequently kiss my butt if you don't like it.

f) I need someone to mow my lawn. Nobody wants to do this.

g) I need someone to do my laundry.

I will grant you, some of the above are things that I haven't really bothered people with - mostly because I can only infringe upon people so much, but also because the people I should most be able to infringe upon would look at me like i'm a Bad Wife if I told them the thing I need most is a bowl of red curry and assurance that my grass is going to get cut.

I'm tired.

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