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Subject:  Re: To my friends on the Bond Board Date:  12/20/2009  8:13 PM
Author:  DrTarr Number:  29556 of 37043

< :) >
I like Oxycodone! MY friend Watson 749 - (White Round, like me)!!! But not as much as Oxytocin!!!!!! - Its only a kiss away....
</ :) >

If you do decide to leave many folks on the boards will be sad.

When you pseudo-left many folks on these boards were sad.

You both (understandably) must choose what is best for Wendy and Loki. I am a firm believer in the village, and while we are a small village, there is not one more important than that. I did not see the post in question - so will not comment on who or what. I did however read some follow up's which I suspect was related and it started to get well..competitive.. If this was a competition well, I would have left long ago a loser compared to the genius on this board. Especially w/ this collective genius.

"The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one!" Spock

I am not advocating any one has to leave - only that given the nature of the board as the water cooler, the town hall, the medicine man's (or hormone woman's) teepee, lets leave the controversial personal attacks to the political boards.

For those who want to enjoy sharing knowledge, friendship and contribute to the village please stay and contribute.



Who thinks - For those who do want to compete, please:
feel free to take that part of the conversation
and join my colleagues at work who so far this year have made 12.7 billion (as of Q3) in FICC trading. There are plenty of those boards.
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