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Subject:  Re: Yes We Can - More Pork Date:  12/30/2009  7:52 PM
Author:  ascenzm Number:  493875 of 888931

Vote the bastards out next many as we can...YES WE CAN....

"Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., says she was "proud" to secure $20 million for a new wing of the National World War II museum in her home state."

More buy off for her vote for health care...which her folks don't want, and can't afford.....but, heck...pork is pork.....oink, oink...

YES WE CAN....Vote the bastards out...


We'd best outvote 'em by 15 to 20 percentage points. Acorn, the New Black Panthers, the SEIU et al will be putting on the full court press in committing voter fraud. The MSM will do their best to cover up the certain voter fraud. The dead will be voting in numbers never seen in any previous American "election" <g> Absentee ballots will be turning up by the car trunk load if any election is close.

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