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Subject:  One stock only opinion. Date:  10/23/2010  4:36 PM
Author:  tufunuf Number:  60 of 92

Having read a story regarding a fella that went to Vegas and bet all of his money on one roll of the roulette wheel, I would like to see what your thoughts are on the following question.

If you had $50,000 dollars and wanted to put it all on ONE stock, which one would you pick? Now, before anyone reads me the riot act on investing, I fully understand that it is insane to do so. I simply want to see which stock you would pick. AGAIN, I know that is something that you DO NOT do.

BTW, my pick would be...(drum roll)...AAPL Now, I know I may get a lot of flack for that (make-believe) decision, but, there are VERY few companies that have what AAPL has going for them. You name me one company that has the innovation that APPLE has going for them. And, I know that they are being challenged daily on new products that compete pretty well with what they are known for developing. Having said that, I still believe they can and will stay a jump ahead of the other companies in that respect. I really believe that APPLE will visit $400 per share in the next couple of years. IMO. Also, I fully realize that my $50K won't buy a ton of APPLE shares right now. :-) But that is my (foolish) pick!

Have a foolish day.
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