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Subject:  Re: Buying PWER Date:  11/15/2010  6:28 PM
Author:  TMFGebinr Number:  43 of 1287

Somewhere in the posts, or an article linked in them (that I can't find now) I seem to recall wind did not have to use inverters. Can you explain that: not necessary but most do, depends on wind manufacturer, etc?

Hi op,

I think you might be remembering a comment made in this thread:

However, judging by comments made by CEO Thompson and an industry analyst in this article -- -- I'd have to say that wind power most definitely does need inverters.

Quoting from the article:
"Almost half of the wind market is captive — the guys who build the turbines build the inverters," Thompson said. "That leaves half of the market, but it’s still a huge market."

There are technical challenges as well, Nasdeo said.

"Wind inverters are more difficult than solar energy because of the volatility of the sine wave of the energy from a wind turbine," Nasdeo said. "A lot of companies just don’t spend much time on them. … But by the same token, if somebody comes up with a real technologically advanced type of inverter — high-efficiency and things like that — I think you’ll see folks going to it."

Whether or not all wind power generation requires inverters or not, I can't say.

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