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Subject:  Re: some bad news Date:  2/24/2011  8:41 AM
Author:  NoIDAtAll Number:  301158 of 312650

I got myself into trouble being alone for a week at the house with me cc.

That's not good. Try going through you stuff and see what you no longer need or particularly want and hold a yard sale. Obviously, you have some experience greeting people and seem to like doing so. (let me greet at the front.) Put your strengths and experience to work while you're looking for a replacement supplemental job. Use your spare time to do some jogging, or maybe some fishing and gardening - some of my, personal, favorite pastimes, plus they put fresh food on my table and help me avoid shopping online and "Mall Air".

Now I have to get better on my stock investing to make up the revenue that I would have made working a few hours.

Personally, I'd go a little slow with that - A key word in your comment is "have to". The SPY is up pretty strongly, even though, as you noted, the economy is still pretty sluggish. There are some fairly decent buys around, but I wouldn't anticipate many quick pops and almost certainly not on a consistent basis.

Take the opportunity you have to do some things that you like that you didn't have as much time to do when you were working 2 jobs. Take it easy on yourself and recharge your batteries w/o running up your bills. You have a reasonable "nest egg", depending on your necessary cost of living. Cut your thermostat down and get yourself some sweats over your clothing to help keep you warmer. Stop you cable TV and subscribe to Netflix. If you have a home phone and a cell phone, cut the home phone - You don't really need both. Check the throwaway ads for discounts on food and be selective - Don't overstock. Buying a meal or 2 at a time assures that you won't waste food and funds. You won't believe what you can almost always find just relaxing. A few months ago I picked up 2 fresh decent size bacon wrapped Fillet Mignon steaks for under $6 - the basis for 2 decent meals. I can't buy a Quarter Pounder at MickeyD's for under $3. Do you have a food processor or meat grinder - Grind your own meat. You can probably pick a handjob meat grinder up for $10 or under, if you look. Why pay a butcher to grind meat for you, when you have more time on your hands, and need to relieve some stress - Get creative.

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