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Subject:  Re: Poll: Should Child Support Be Used For Court Date:  2/25/2011  4:43 PM
Author:  MissEdithKeeler Number:  301183 of 312878

1. Women were PROPERTY. They didn't have the right or the ability to leave a bad marriage. They couldn't own their own businesses, take their possessions with them, etc. So their choices were: live with husband, live with father, or live with relatives. So instead of saying "well they took marriage seriously back then" it should be "marriage was a virtually loveless contract between vastly unequal parties".
2. Women who had children out of wedlock weren't given child support. They lost their jobs (maids, shop girls, etc), sent to seclusion to then give up the baby (if wealthy), or had a dangerous abortion/committed suicide. The guy faced no consequences.
3. Work houses and orphanages. We don't have those any more. Cities used to be littered with them. Kids were raised in poverty and virtual slavery. They ran wild on the streets as criminals. Part of the whole reason we started all these social programs to help the poor was to make the streets safer.

I think SP refers to this era as "the good old days."
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