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Subject:  Re: Retirement Locations Date:  5/31/2011  3:05 PM
Author:  RetiredVermonter Number:  17197 of 20791

Most of the "lists" are sort of silly, when you come right down to it.

How can anyone else tell YOU where YOU will be happiest in retirement?

As far as we were concerned, the only thing of interest to us was WHERE WILL WE BE HAPPY WHEN WE RETIRE?

We had been coming here, camping and visiting the state, for maybe 30 years (along with other states), and simply loved the area. The independence of most of the people we met, the gorgeous countryside, the peace and quiet, fresh air, and much more.

We've been here now for over ten years, and we just plain love it! We are NOT rich, by a long shot, but we live modestly and quietly in a comfortable home that we've improved since buying it, in a small community, high on a ridge, on several acres, on a dirt road.

When the weather is cool and pleasant, we leave the windows open, and it's just about as quiet all the time, night or day, with the windows open or closed. Except for an occasional car going by slowly, we hear mostly just the wind whispering in the trees, birds chirping, or our own cat snoring somewhere!

Nope - it's not for everyone, but we knew what we wanted, and we went for it.

Taxes? You have those everywhere, really.

Unemployment? Excuse me, but the question was about RETIRING, not working, so what difference would that make?

Chilly climate? Do you LIKE sweltering temperatures? We don't, so we'll happily take bundling up more when it gets cold. To each his or her own.

By the way, weatherwise, we rarely get tornadoes here (with sympathy for those who do, in other parts of the country), hurricanes tend to at least partially weaken before reaching us, earhquakes CAN happen but are usually weak and rare (fingers crossed!), hot weather is usually only here for a short time, and we usually get SNOW vs ICE in the winter because it is colder than it is in southern New England.

Bottom line:

By all means read and find out all you can, and consider what matters to you before choosing where to retire, but I also urge people to TRY the area, too, if they can, before leaping.

Vermont's not for everyone (thank God!) -- nor is any other state.

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