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Subject:  Re: The Mailbox Saga Date:  8/8/2011  3:01 PM
Author:  cevera1 Number:  30703 of 40289

User: I can't delete anything, everything in there is business critical!

My company had - until last year - unlimited email storage (ok, virtually unlimited email storage). After a few legal mishaps and subpoenas it was decided that the corporation would have a 90 day retention period.

One of my coworkers hadn't deleted any of their emails for the last 6-7 YEARS. He would sort his mailbox whenever looking for his archived emails and at the time was up to roughly 22,000+ items in his mailbox. It was quite fascinating as the sort might take up to a minute to complete. Apparently, this practice wasn't uncommon among some of my fellow coworkers. So, when the notice came out that emails would automatically be purged after 90 days - along with any PSD files on the network.... well, you could hear genitalia hitting the floor. Over the next two months there was an abundance of whining, complaining, threatening, hysterics, and actual tears - but the legal team in our company won the battle. Emails were purged - it took the better part of two weeks for the initial purge process to complete. The process continues to run daily and kills anything on the our internal network after it crosses the 90 day mark.

Amazingly, no one actually died because of this decision. though I'm sure the Company Crisis Hotline did some booming business in the aftermath......

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