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Subject:  Re: Red thumbing "Inverse" and "B Date:  12/1/2011  3:33 PM
Author:  FoodLong Number:  175 of 188

Yeah all the top rated players scores are nothing more than a bunch
of cheezeball thumbing of x3 ETF's now.

IMO all ETF's should be removed from caps.

When you mention this though there's a whole community of players
who think that this is somehow a legit strategy and somehow brings
some kind of knowledge or value to CAPS.

They don't see why this on many levels has wrecked CAPS. They even go
as far, as saying that your somehow implying that ETF's are bad vehicles
for investment, which of course is ridiculous.

The other real big problem with this is the fact that there are frequently x10+ ETF's pointing at exactly the same index, and players
are stacking them.

To me the whole point of CAPS is people trying to pick individual stocks
that will outperform or under perform the market over time. I believe the ETF's greatly take away from this.

If a player thought that small cap Japanese stocks were highly undervalued and thumbed up ONE small cap japan ETF I guess this would be ok. But of course he could thumb up 3 different small cap japan ETF's, and very likely they would have some of the same stocks. To me this is just dumb.
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