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Subject:  Re: Pull out equity for investments? Date:  12/22/2011  7:08 PM
Author:  hockeypop Number:  8709 of 25859

How old are you? If over 50 -- NO!

If under 50:

1. Is the rest of your retirement plan complete or ahead?

2. Have you paid for the children's education?

3. Do you have an emergency fund that equals at least the net yearly salary of the higher earning spouse?

4. Are both jobs secure?

5. Is everyone in the family healthy and likely to remain healthy?

6. Are you willing to commit that portfolio for 10 years (and I'm not wild about all those banks)?

While BOTH arguments posted previously saying NO are good, if you can answer yes to all 6 questions (and I may have missed some)and you're willing to gamble a little, I'd say yes.

You know, the biggest problem MAY be if this succeeds. Using housing leverage to pay for things is how some very high salary people are underwater in their homes. I'd hate for you to make this a steady practice.

But, most of my best investment lessons were unmitigated disasters (I keep my FUQI to remind me that I'm not too old to make mistakes, but I am smart enough not to bet essential money).

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