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Subject:  Re: my broker's 1099 form had a strange suprise Date:  3/18/2012  6:59 PM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  115548 of 132797

I've also never heard of a brokerage issuing a 1099-G, which is used by states to report income tax refunds and unemployment payments.

My state (NJ) does not send out 1099-G statements any more. It has to occur to you that they may have one for you. You go to their web site and look it up. You can print it out. If you forget, I do not know what happens. It seems to me if they can afford to sent it to the IRS, they should be able to send me one too.

This state is so cheap that for one payment to the state, you cannot send checks or cash. You must pay on line at their web site and arrange for an EFT from your bank. I work for a small religious non-profit. We must pay a $25.year fee. We do not happen to have a computer. Luckily, I have one, so I pay the fee from their checking account. It is lucky they even have a checking account. Otherwise we would be unable to obey the law unless a member of the organization voluntarily paid that fee.

It seems to me with all the government' computers and such, they should send me my tax return already filled out. If I agreed with it I would sign it and send it back, possibly with a payment. And they would refund to me. If I disagreed with their form, I could make the corrections and send them back in. But they do not do it that way.

I also dream of sending them all the damned records I have, including all confirmation slips from brokers, etc. If they want them, they should keep them. Who has room for all that damned stuff?
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