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Subject:  Nutty Netanyahu's red lines Date:  9/17/2012  6:52 AM
Author:  trismus Number:  174766 of 179590

The only red line that could be set is the one that says Iran will not be allowed to get nuclear weapons.

Inevitably the enrichment of Uranium for peaceful purposes can/will be seen by some as a nuclear weapons programme. Same process different stages.

The design of a nuclear weapon is not that difficult. Some years back three professors - non nuclear - were set the task of designing a nuclear weapon as an exercise. they did it.
Today, designs can probably be found on the web.

The point being, if Iran wants a nuclear weapon nothing will stop it.
Regime change won't work because whatever regime replaces the present one will wonder when outside forces decide it is time for another change, leaving the new regime to find ways of protecting itself from outside interference.

How would a new regime protect itself from the nuclear armed portion of over-zealous Jews of Israel and America.

Only one deterrent works, history shows that.

So, where to place the red line to placate the nutter.

Say, if Iran other than accidentally enriches above 20% we strike, killing God knows how many and polluting God knows how far.

That's the red line.

Having created a red line sanctions now become unjustified, unnecessary and immoral.

As a signatory to the NPT red lines are set by that agreement, there is no evidence that Iran is in breach of that agreement, every intelligence service including the Israeli's have yet to to come up with conclusive evidence to the contrary.

The way Iran is being treated for keeping to that agreement is absolutely disgraceful and undermines the NPT.

A lesson from my Dad when I was a child,'Take on the bully, you will lose but just make sure you hurt him enough to stop him returning for more'.
It works most times.


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