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Subject:  Watching debate in progress Date:  10/3/2012  10:17 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  646839 of 888337

I've been sort of plugged out of the Presidential race, so perhaps my instinct is rusty. (Of course in 2004, I rightly called the electoral total a year in advance but whose keeping score ;)

Not a whiz-bang night so far for either man, but it seems Obama is winning the debate in my opinion.

The GOP has nominated its Al Gore...a good man, a knowledgable man, who has trouble connecting with people, and explaining in VOTER-SPEAK just "what this means to you". In 2000's debate, Gore was whining about "Dingell Norwood", now Romney chatting up "Dodd-Frank"....while the President is telling voters how ObamaCare helps them.

The president looks rather solid and composed, MUCH better than he did in his debates against Hillary 4 years ago. Also, I do my the debate with MUTED volume, and see who "looks" like he's winning via posture, eyes, etc. Obama passes that test tonite.

Frankly, I think Sarah Palin could've taken Obama to the woodshed better than Mitt is doing but per my disclaimer, I could be wrong, I don't know the ebbs and flows of politics this year.

Well Mitt, go forth. Be "principled". Tomorrow, go tell Ohio and Michigan why it's so good for them that their jobs that used to pay $22/hour, are now paying $4/hour in Mexico. Tell them how progress like that is helping them. As usual, be a good Republican, fall on the trade sword, alienate the LAST region in America that could be yours, let Democrats PRETEND that they aren't into free trade....and well, make sure you are gracious when you concede to the President. NEXT, tell Americans why we support Israel no matter what, even when American Jews support Obama, and synagogue congregations see members walk-out on Michelle Bachmann.

The debate could turn on a dime tonite. The race could turn on a gaffe, a future debate, etc.

But 1 year ago when obama was at 40% in polls, I said he'd win re-election.

Sadly, my bet is still on Obama. (Not all sad though. I think he'll punish the nation good, and perhaps 2016 will see the Reagan reaction to 8 years of Carter?)

Jedi...wishes I had something better to do than watch politics anymore. It's really started to suck. Even the commentary afterwards is so childish, so Facebook, so Twitter, so Maddow, so Hannity, so RedState, so Koz. I miss the days of Russert, Kinsley, Buchanan, Ron Reagan Junior, etc.

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