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Subject:  Re: The Working Class Date:  11/12/2012  9:38 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  110830 of 177113

True. Anyone could tell that 1) cutting taxes again while 2) increasing the military budget by billions would be 3) the perfect prescription to lower the deficit.

I dunno, but maybe that 47% can do elementary math?

Ho elementary does the math have to be?

Raising the tax on the over 250K crowd gets bupkis

increase social spending instead of military spending and cut military today and just increase it tomorrow because of being short-sighted works so much better too--but even without the military a push

Then ensure policies that will continue a no growth economy

ooohhhhhhhh there's the perfect ticket

Fortunately though, it does not matter what Mitt would have done. Because you got your wish. I hope you are as smart as you think, because I think you voted for a clown.

SO now we get to see more of your solution, like we saw for the last 4 years. Or more likely we will see 4 more years of terrible policy terrible results and the mind numbing idiocy of those who will believe it is someone else's fault no matter how bad their own ideas are.
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