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Subject:  Re: The Working Class Date:  11/13/2012  8:53 AM
Author:  Brooklyn1948 Number:  110848 of 177129

What difference is a deficit to me. Just gimme my free $h!t and be on your way.

I mentioned the 16 trillion dollar deficit to my doorman and he gave me a blank stare. Another porter/doorman told me that he wants socialism in this country. When he said that my jaw dropped. The entire staff votes Democrat as they are union members. They seem to not know the issues nor do they care.
The reason they have jobs is because of the very people they love to bash, "the rich". I am not rich but live in a very nice part of Brooklyn. I gently tried to remind the porter that he has a job because of the "rich". I told him that my husband also had a job because the person who founded the company a hundred years ago was rich. I still have trouble wondering exactly what people want.
I guess as others here have pointed out, they just want free stuff and want the rest of us to pay for it.
This is not the country I grew up in and I find that very sad.
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