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Subject:  Re: Should you eat that bacon? Date:  11/17/2012  4:58 PM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  655717 of 883114

"Despite the fact that bacon is basically about 12 to 24 hours removed from whatever filth a swine has just eaten, it is overly salty and just tastes gross."

Yeah..about as bad as something that has been underground for months (potato or other root crop).......or hanging on a bush branch soaking up toxins from the atmosphere......and crapped on by flies and other insects...... then probably picked by low wage folks who didn't wash their hands after they went to the toilet out in the fields.

And those fish....? eating whatever they could get their mouths on...flies..more flies...insects....

Most pigs are fed corn..and the like...probably a better diet than 'wild food' and other 'crops'.

When I was a kid this hillbilly family from West Virginia lived next door to my grandmother. They tended to have a, well, casual attitude towards cleanliness (my grandmother used to gossip to me about how the mother never wiped up her stovetop after something spilled, and how their house was infested with roaches). One day when I said something critical after witnessing one of the kids dropping some food on the ground and then picking it up and eating it, the mother just laughed at me and said, in her Southern drawl, "Oh Andrew, ever'body eats about a peck o' dirt before they die."
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