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Subject:  Re: Cartoon of the day Date:  11/20/2012  7:14 AM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  656099 of 888851

One thing quite comical is how libs and the UN and the world community suggest moral equivalence between a group of terrorists who lob rockets inside Israel for the sole purpose of killing innocent people and Israel who is merely defending itself and who does its best not to kill innocent people, which is difficult when the terrorists use their own people, including innocent men, women and children, as human shields.

I've never understood the stupidity of those who attempt with a serious face to make that argument. Clearly, the Jews are hated by the world. And Captain Kicka$$ has dissed them several times and is a Muslim sympathizer. Too bad one of our staunchest allies has to wonder whether or not we have their backs.

I've heard the theory that Israel will go forward with a ground offensive to extract the tunnels and kill the terrorists to render them impotent as a preemptive move to prevent Iran from responding to Israel when it decides to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. Smart move. Two birds with one stone.

The sad thing is that when Hezbollah attacked Israel during the Bush administration, Israel's liberal leaders caved to world public opinion and did not finish the job. I said at that time this was a mistake and would enable the terrorists to fight another day down the road. I'm sure Israel is aware that this whole Hamas situation could be an attempted diversionary tactic to get them to marshal their troops and equipment to the south in Gaza while Hezbollah will attempt to take advantage to the north with another terrorist attack. If you remember that time, Hezbollah was dug in and were very difficult to defeat and there were some Israeli casualties. I don't think Bibi will cave. He knows these snakes need to be finished once and for all. Nevertheless, Iran is behind all of this. They are supplying this proxy war and they really want to get nukes and annilhilate the Jews. The Jews will do what they have to do with or without our help, but it sure would be nice if they knew we had their back if they get attacked on all fronts.
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