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Subject:  Which Pro Sport is the Best as Player Date:  11/20/2012  7:45 PM
Author:  AOLFoolman100 Number:  656212 of 888489

I've always thought about this. If I hadn't gone into the boredom and drudgery of the corporate world, and wound up pitching in the pros instead, what would life be like? I think I almost had the stuff to make it as a pro pitcher. Probably just a few miles per hour short on my fastball (86-88 mph instead of 90-92 mph, often the barrier to entry by baseball scouts). It's an uncommon, genetic gift to be able to throw over 90 mph....I just didn't quite have it. Maybe if my mom had taken vitamins while pregnant. (g) But I had very good control of multiple pitches....4-seam rising fastball, 2-seam sinking fastball, curveball, slider, splitter, changeup, and even the knuckleball. Was often the ace of the team, threw a no-hitter, all-star teams, often striking out a few more than the number of innings pitched...

Aside from the fame and fortune (obvious plusses of being a sports star), which type of sports do you think is the toughest and easiest to be? Of course, the obvious answer is football since it's so tough and violent....major injuries and concussions, etc.

But on the other hand, they do only play 16 games a year (no playoffs). The NBA plays 82 games, and the MLB, a staggering 162 games a year. In terms of travel and being away from family, football must, by far, be the easiest. They're away 8 games (half) of the year on Sundays, but usually don't fly out until Friday or Saturday. All the rest of the week, they are at home practicing. The NBA, which plays almost half the days the season is in, must be away from home more frequently. Easily the worst must be baseball, where they basically play everyday for 6 months, not including the occasional day off on Mondays and Thurs...yeah, aside from that....they play just about everyday for 6 months!! They on the road half the year! But at the same time, it's got to be least physically demanding of sports (great skills required, but not physically demanding in terms of outright brute force and fatigue). Starting pitchers have by the far the best job....if you can make it. They pitch once every 5-7 great is that?? Rest of time, you sit there in the dugout looking concerned for the team, chewing on sunflower seeds....but if they don't get off scot free...they must still wear the uniforms though.

Hockey - NHL??....well, it's not a real American sport....but it's got the schedule and physical demands of the NBA. It's really a Canadian import that the South ignores for the most part.
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