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Subject:  ObamaKare rules hit the street Date:  11/20/2012  10:00 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  656247 of 888931

just before receive the least amount of attention.....


Long-awaited federal rules for health insurance plans came out Tuesday, and they make clear that insurance plans that people can buy on the open market next year will look a lot like some of the most popular plans on offer now – with a few big differences.

As the 2010 health reform law requires, insurers will no longer be able to dump patients who are starting to cost too much, they won’t be able to charge women more than men[1], they have to cover anyone who can pay[2] and they’ll have to pay for maternity care[3], eye exams for kids and for mental health services.

The new rules from the Health and Human Services Department cover the new state exchanges, where people will be able to buy health insurance starting in 2014.[4]

The rules lay out how much extra insurers can charge to cover certain groups of people, like smokers and people who are older. They also say when states outline so-called essential health benefits – the minimums of what health insurers should cover – they should use the best existing plans as a guideline.[5]

HHS stuck with a proposal that allows insurers to charge the oldest patients three times as much as they charge a 21-year-old. And the rates can go up a little bit with every birthday. But smokers can be charged premiums that are five times higher under the new rules.[6]

And HHS also set how much each level of plan – platinum, gold, silver and bronze – may require patients to pay out of pocket. Beginning in 2014, so-called bronze plans can ask patients to pay 40 percent of costs; 30 percent for a silver, 20 percent for a gold; the top-level platinum plans must pay 90 percent of patient costs. The platinum level plans may charge higher premiums, while the bronze plans will be the cheapest in terms of monthly premiums.[7]


1. So men will have to pay more to pay for the higher cost of insuring women. Socialism at work.

2. The sickest will sign up first, the healthy might just pay the might be cheaper.

3. Yep, everyone will pay for every welfare queenie charge...

4. More the half the states are not setting up exchanges....

5. I'm sure those 'best existing' plans will be gutted by that time..... to save money....

6. The smokers will likely sue on the basis of 'discrimination'.....and win It's a 'disability'.

There is no mention of the subsidies of the hundreds of billions to pay for the health care of the welfare weenies and queenies.

If I remember right, Obama has it rigged so no family pays more than 10% of their 'family income' for insurance (you'll have to file a 1040 form when you get hired to prove that 47% that pays no income taxes will likely soak the other half to the tune of a half a trillion a year in subsidies. Plus, of course, employers can only charge 10% of the employees income for health care premiums.......meaning they are going to take a bath too.

going to be interesting.

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