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Subject:  Re: Which Pro Sport is the Best as Player Date:  11/21/2012  11:09 AM
Author:  JLC Number:  656324 of 882895

Aside from the fame and fortune (obvious plusses of being a sports star), which type of sports do you think is the toughest and easiest to be?

The toughest sport is football, merely from the life changing injuries and the currently unknown status of how much is too much for head injuries. Hockey might be a close second, but you frequently see hockey players in their 40s but never in football.

The easiest sport is golf. No one is trying blindside blitz you nor put you into a submission hold. You are always in a beautiful setting with polite, distant crowds. Want to take a week or two off, no problem, you make your own schedule. Want to keep playing into your 50s/60s, there is the Senior/Champions Tour.

As far as who is the best athlete, I'd have to go with the old stand by of decathletes. You have to master 10 different disciplines. True, there is no hand to hand combat but gymnasts aren't trying to kick each other off the balance beam either. Now if you want to know who is just the plain out and out biggest bada$$, UFC/mixed marital arts.

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