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Subject:  Re: Google Fiber Date:  11/24/2012  6:03 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46364 of 138124

"As to cost and speed, it is embarrassing that internet speeds in the US are slow compared to places like Korea, where they have invested heavily. Thank goodness Google is trying to work it out. We all hope they succeed.

I do not like your implication that the US is too large for high speed internet service. Too costly. We can't afford it. Slowly we will get there. "

There are still places in the US that don't have wired telephone service.

SOuth Korea is very densely populated. Whole different story.

Embarrassing? What the heck you going to do with gigabit internet speeds? Other than shop faster on line line and go broke faster? Gamble faster in higher resolution? can't wait 20 minutes for a movie download. Want it in 60 I can't see paying twice as much for that option since I've only downloaded one movie in my life.

Yes, FIOS is fiber to the house, but coax inside. But you can get like 100 megabit service IF you want to pay for it. For what reason I don't know unless you do 3D design from work and have a company server that can spit out data that fast........over the internet.

It's like HDTV>.. I haven' sprung for it, really don't see the reason to buy a new TV and pay another $12/month for HDTV.....when my TV dies, maybe I'll buy an HDTV to watch BlueRay movies on...that I can rent for a buck from RedBox....

The telcos are getting enough money each month from me.

The US is too large for 'universal gigabit access'....for at least the next 20-30 years. Until you have a need for it, you won't have it. A real need.

one of the reasons you don't even have cable TV in much of the US is that folks simply can't afford it. Satellite TV fit that bill......but still a lot of folks 'can't afford it' or don't want to. You think retired folks living in rural KY are going to rush to sign up for $100/month plus all sorts of extra cost programming ...when they live on $500/month pension or SS?

Until there are 'killer aps' that everyone wants, no one is going to rush for gigabit speeds.

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