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Subject:  Re: Galt's Gulch asks for government assistance Date:  11/28/2012  5:38 PM
Author:  karenlj Number:  46415 of 139003

I am not a fan of gated communities, but the residents are still citizens, they are still tax-payers. You don't want to contribute to repairing or protecting their private property, but you don't object to repairing and protecting the private property of those who do not live in gated communities.

If their streets are not public streets, why should public money pay to repair them?

If my tax money went to repair them, I think I'd have a right to expect to be able to use them afterwards. Ergo, they couldn't be private any more.


So if my tax money goes to repair your house, we should all be able to use your house afterwards?

Public money goes to pay to repair private houses and other private property--why should private roads be excluded? If the residents choose to maintain the roads when there is no disaster, then the taxpayer is actually saving money. I maintain that disaster relief is for disasters and we should not be penalizing because we aren't invited to their parties. Or whatever.

If we cover private property of one kind, why would we exclude private property of another kind?

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