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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  12/2/2012  12:06 PM
Author:  malaoshi Number:  46508 of 139644 great uncle worked on the zeppelins. That's how he developed the concept of streamling. Aren't you the smart one???

Sweden...1990s Losec
2003 (with Estonia) Skype..bought by Microsoft 2011
Australia off hand...
CPAP mask
Polymer banknote
Bionic Ear
Quantum Bit
Radar system to detect stealth aircraft or missiles
Spray on skin ( still in testing) for major burns
Blackbox flight recorder...

I haven't looked into doubt a nanny state in your eyes but still home of a few inventions..

FYI DH works daily with CEOs of start-ups in Silicon Valley and I myself wrote a paper on the beginning of LAN (written in 1983-4) Those were exciting times.

I don't disparage anything is a hot bed of innovation.

But your arrogance about countries you have probably never lived in or had contact with irritates me.

Keep downgrading other countries' achievements, blaming it on the political systems etc

Tell us again that Obama and his socialism will kill the Boston High tech area as well as Silicon Valley. We obviously need to hear it.

Just don't get really major burns from an oil explosion and require Spray on Skin....
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