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Subject:  zoot suit Date:  12/8/2012  3:00 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  46693 of 139644

We're attending a dressy event this evening, a suit occasion, and have no idea if hubby's ties or dress shirts are laughably unfashionable at this point. I don't notice these things, what's fashionable nowadays--and he sure as heck never did (he was wearing the most god-awful 70s gear when I met him in the 80s)--and we no longer read print magazines or see the ads.

His most recent ties/dress shirts were acquired in the 90s--are ties narrow, wide or in-between these days?! and the only suit that fits--very loosely since he lost weight--is itself 20 years old. The Allan Edmonds dress shoes are classic and presumably timeless. Well, maybe the suit is, too, dark blue and from a Nordstrom sale. Hopefully there's a decent pair of dress sox, though I expect they won;t be seen, his suit being too big will probably be a bit draggy at the bottom. oy. It doesn't help that he crammed his ties at the back of a shelf and they need to be ironed. Luckily he's rather nice looking and can get away with some lack of sartorial splendor.

As for me, I expect I can rustle up something. I'm known for my quirkiness of dress, so I never worry. Planning what to wear ahead of time would be cheating, the last minute dive into the closet is more thrilling--I like that frisson of excitement when finding something I haven't worn for ages and have forgotten about. There's always black pants (but do they fit?) or a long skirt (most of them have dead elastic waists) and a sweater. Haven't lost enough weight for the little black dress, too bad. The long black dress will be a bit baggy, but I can hide that under a big scarf. My only issue is that my dressy purse died and I've been too cheap to replace it. A sweater with pockets, perhaps, for a kleenex and lipstick will be enough. hmmm...

=alstro, should've been one of those Upstairs people with a ladies maid ;-)
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