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Subject:  Re: The Internet is a Dud. Date:  12/12/2012  11:17 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  659635 of 878215

"His cellphone is just a cellphone, he made a point to tell me that." - colovion

Yeah, mine too. It's a little grey Samsung that I paid like ~ $10.00 for at Best Buy. My wife pays and extra $10.00/month to keep me on her plan. She wants me to have a phone in case her family need to reach me in an emergency. I've never sent a text message in my life and it flusters me when I get one. I rarely get texts so each time I have to re-figure out what to do to read it. No camera or internet or any of that stuff. Mostly I just use it to call people and vice-versa.

I do like having a cell phone though. It's especially handy on trips or when I'm out grocery shopping and I need to call my wife and ask her if she needs anything.

I was forced to start using computers when I worked at the UT Vet School. My old boss, Dr. Schroeder, told me I didn't have a choice. We did all our record keeping on the computer. Inventories, billing, etc. It was all done in Dbase III. I hired some computer science major to write the program for the Lab Animal Facility.

We charged researchers per diems for their animals. Otherwise they'd keep them forever even when they weren't using them. When they got that bill at the end of each month it reminded them that the animals were there and their research accounts were being charged.

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