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Subject:  Re: Today's Assignment for Leftists Date:  1/4/2013  2:58 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1850920 of 2297105

The Caymans and the Switzerland stuff is over.

Those who truly wanted to say "up yours" to these mooches knew it long ago, and got wise and sophisticated about using cash, bartering, setting up 'break-even' businesses overseas where no taxable income is shown, etc.Now those same people would get $378 per week in unemployment, another $98,345 in rental income, and pay ZERO Federal Income Taxes, legally.

While the schlep in San Fran jacks around with his I.T platform eating his alfalfa sprouts, lol.

Of course, nobody on this board would do that stuff.

(And nobody, for a small fee would get together with small business owners in Metro Detroit who are from Iraq, and educate them on how to cut their tax by sticking the wife on Payroll for $12,000 per year and 401k'ing her income....or by buying the property their liquor store sits on, and using an LLC to charge higher rent to the liquor store, but then making their kids "managers" of the LLC who get paid, and then get taxed at a much lower rate. And nobody on this board would be on a 1st name basis with Najwa, Riyadh, Sammy, Amal, Ikhlas, because he did just a good job helping them keep their money out of the hands of mooch Liberals. And nobody would take insults he got on a message board, and use that as motivation to help over 20 hardworking immigrant families minimize their tax bill. And help 6 foreign students not only attend grad school at Duke, but help them with lawyers to get permanent residency to work in fields populated by Liberals. If anybody ever did that, they'd be part nuts, part spiteful of bigoted Bay Area butts, and part...well, genius!)

Obama 2012

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