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Subject:  Re: Tundra or Silverado Date:  1/11/2013  9:20 PM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  69756 of 73239

$25 '41 Ford, flathead V8 2dr sedan.

You might be a tad older than me. My mom's first far was a '44 Ford convertible. She loved that car. My dad had a '40 Ford coupe. He loved his too.
I had a '66 Mustang. I mostly restored it, fun car. that and the totaled Bronco added up to the toyota truck. Should have kept the mustang.

Older than I think I am, turned 71 last year, that '41 came along while I was working part time at a local Signal Service Station... maybe '60? near there is my guess...

I forgot our '66 Mustang, powder blue, it came after the 57 Chevy... 6 Cyl, stick.. Great commuter car.. then the tranny got noisy, so I pulled it myself, I was working an hour away, but bought the parts at the Ford Dealer there, had a box with the parts in it, and a shop nearby pressed the old bearings off, added the new.. what I didn't notice wwas a snap ring had slid under the bottom flap. Stayed up way late getting the tranny back in, then took off the next morning for work.. grinding, bad sounds, the missing snap ring was supposed to keep the tailshaft from eating up the center needle bearings.. I managed to drive it back home in 2nd, then took it tot he Ford dealer pid the price for screwing it up.. But even after that it wasn't quite right, so we traded it for the Maverick, same dealer, so they knew the story, were OK with it. The Maverick had the same Six & Stick, we kept that for nearly 300K... Tires lasted forever, the kids even learned to drive in it..
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