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Subject:  Re: Need Present value (?) calculation help Date:  1/14/2013  2:29 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  71250 of 98543

To answer your question, the PV calc is a little more difficult than just inputting the current annual payments, a discount rate and life expectancy years. This is because the military pension, unlike private pensions, is indexed for inflation, so the PMT part of the calc will be growing most of the future years. Hence, you'll have to use the Excel XIRR function or the uneven cash flow function on a financial calculator.

But unless you have some plan to sell part of his retirement annuity to a structure settlement outfit, the PV will be intersting but of not much value to you. The real economic value will come from future cash flow projections, which will be dependent on your years to retirement, total savings available at retirement, expected average annual rate of return, future household income requirement, and the like. This is doable, but you'll need to be conversant in the use of Excel.

This exercise is similar to the decision of when to begin SS.

And yes, you can ignore inflation for purposes of this calc, as inflation effects both options equally.

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