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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  3:28 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  667301 of 878171

sorry..your argument is flawed in at least six ways.

I'm not arguing. I'm stating facts.

1) You never have to disprove a negative. It is up to the person 'claiming' something to prove it, not to someone who does not accept your hypothesis to 'disprove it'. Major fail on your part.

So you have evidence that there is no god?

2) You forgot that for a 'believer' , there is the problem , that if they 'accept' that there is at least one godthingie or super-natural being, that there may be hundreds or thousands of them. History clearly shows us that man has been deceived by over 1500 godthingies.....from Wodin to all the Greek and Roman and Egyptian godthingies just to start, each with their own unique super powers and flaws....and of course, the wars and jealously between all the godthingies and between all the 'followers' of godthingies. They sure are a jealous bunch. it's all 'me me me me'.....

I didn't forget anything. I merely stated that the statement "there is no god" cannot be supported.

3) Atheism is having no deception about fantasizing about godthingies. It is not a 'negative belief'.....and more than you go around telling everyone, hey, I don't have AIDS, cancer, leukemia, brain rot, Alzheimers, and list all known diseases and illnesses. It is like being 'healthy' instead of 'sick'.

As I said, atheism is the absence of belief in a god. The positive statement "there is no god" is as unsupportable as is the statement "there is no ice cream factory in the center of the galaxy". Having never been there, I couldn't say. I have no belief that there is, but I can't say for certain that there isn't. Can you?

If religion gives you the 'crutch' to get through life, so be it. Meanwhile, most Americans now rate religion 10 steps below American Idol for actual meaning in their lives.

I am an atheist. I don't have the advantage of the crutch you describe. What in the world gave you the impression that I did?

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