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Subject:  2013 METAR contest...1 month Date:  1/31/2013  10:11 PM
Author:  Hohum777 Number:  414804 of 577978

Okay, I worked out the numbers excluding any dividends paid out this month.
Top "Safe bet" picks
1. BlueCollarTim RIG 26.98%
2. dikka VHC 19.26%
3. HoHum777 NNA 15.35%

Top longshot picks
1. mwparker PRIS 20.34%
2. dikka LWLG 19.32%
3. BlueCollarTim FCEL 18.48%

For some reason, Google Docs doesn't like BRK-B, the LSE listings and the US $ Index, so those
have to be imported separately. So the % gain is a one-time snapshot for 1/31 data.

Both averages are trailing the SPY (my proxy for the S&P 500) so our picks have some work
to do.

One month gone, lots of time for picks to move up or down.

Eyeballing the numbers, the top 3 safe bet contestants are the top 3 overall

11 months to go ...
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