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Subject:  Re: College prof censorship Date:  2/16/2013  11:00 PM
Author:  Jim2B Number:  671884 of 878818

Conservatives opposed most scientific advances and most social advances, such as equal rights for minorities.

Liberals like to pretend this is true. They look a statistic like 60% of Republicans believe God created the Earth and that only 40% of Democrats believe that God created the Earth and assume that this means Democrats are more science based.

They ignore the fact that a roughly equal % of republicans and democrats which agree that the age of the Earth is ~4.65 billion years old.

They similarly ignore irrational leanings of democrats on genetically modified food, vaccines, nuclear power, organic foods, solar power, wind power, conservation, etc.

Left leaning Scientific American recently ran an article about this subject. SA declared that if the right has a "war on science" then the left is waging "Armageddon upon science."

IMO this problem is exacerbated by the left leaning media because the MSM doesn't present the actual scientific position. The MSM presents the left's pipe dream and leaves out any science that disagree with the leftist propaganda.

At least the right is reminded (occasionally) of the fact that scientists disagree with some of their positions.

On the left it is a hall of mirrors in which the left tells the left what the left wants to hear. They assume that any interruption in their Narcissistic love fest is contrary to reality because that is what they've been told to believe. There's hardly a critical thought brain cell left in the entire party.
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