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Subject:  Re: I dont believe man causes Global Warming Date:  2/23/2013  6:41 PM
Author:  JDCRex Number:  1861908 of 2224281

You can't exclude the country (China) that is probably the largest and fastest growing contributor of greenhouse gases. If the hypothesis about human-caused global warming is correct, you're doomed to failure.

So where's the fallacy? Who is claiming that Kyoto is the end solution?

As soon as you tell me what is wrong with figure 2, I'll give a rat's patootie about your opinion.

Go to the frickin' link I posted! It's a presentation with pictures n'everything!

Here's a hint: stop the name calling and demonstrate that my statements are actually incorrect.

Here's a hint for you: trying to affect this Mr Oh-So-Reasonable-I'm-All-About-The-Science persona while citing material from a fruitcake sideshow freak like Monckton kind of shatters the charade.

It's not quite as bad, but it's approaching using David Irving as a source.

Feel free to point out where, why and how I'm wrong. I dare you.





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