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Subject:  Car pulling to right - tire/s? Date:  3/4/2013  3:33 PM
Author:  Jennlee222 Number:  69883 of 73764

My car has had a slight pull to the right recently. I think it started when we had a snowstorm and my car was stuck in some snow and I was rocking the car and spinning the wheels a lot trying to get it out. I didn't hit anything, just a lot of tire spinning going on trying to get unstuck.

I have to turn the wheel slightly left (probably like 11:00 or 11:30 on a clock) to drive straight. When I let go of the wheel, the wheel ends up slightly right - like maybe 1:00 on a clock, when driving. But when I have the car parked with the wheel straight the tires look straight visually.

My fiance's friend is a auto technician (for a dealership of a different brand of car) and he took a quick visual check of the wheels (and did some checking using his hand width to measure) and said he doesn't think it is the alignment. He suspects it is one of the tires - like a belt slipped or something in one of the tires.

He suggested having the front tires cross-rotated to see if the pull changes and that would indicate that it is for sure a tire.

Any thoughts about this? Tires? Alignment? Other? How urgent? Can I just go to my tire place and tell them about this and see if they can figure out which tire it is?

Was hoping to not put much money into my 14 year old car as I hope to get a new/newer one in the next year or two, and my current tires are only 3-4 years old I think. But if it is a tire then it probably would need replacing - is it bad to have the car pull? Bad for the tires? Bad for the car? I know it's pretty annoying for me to drive it like that.
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