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Subject:  Re: Strategy comparison S&P500 vs. IUL [rev 1] Date:  4/8/2013  5:04 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  71833 of 90479

Granted, the $1,000 per month from the beginning is laughable. Why not snap the beginning back to $1,000 per year. When IRAs begin (1976???), bring the lovel up to the IRA annual. Increase the amount in conjunction with the raises to the IRA limit.

That will give some more realistic bounds to the contributions.

You'll have to ask Ray :)

I ran it with the amounts that CC asked for, even though the amounts were absurd. Alas, she then complained that the final values were absurdly high. Go figure. ::shrug::

Clearly she has never played around with compound growth over periods of several decades. Anybody that has knows how fast things go up at the end.
Doesn't seem she is familiar with the Rule of 72, either.
(I kinda had to snicker when she mentioned "sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation". As if.)

The deposit amount is just one cell in the spreadsheet, so changing it is simple.
It does make sense to allow the periodic deposit to grow with time. I've already got that code for withdrawals, so it's simple to do it for deposits.

Anyway.....there was an error in my posted Allianz IUL figures, they were too low, which CC will be happy to hear. They are *still* way lower than B&H, though. Still sucks, just not as bad.

The spreadsheet is getting real close to being releaseable.
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