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Subject:  Re: Minnesota! Date:  5/15/2013  12:34 PM
Author:  rmhj Number:  423002 of 513544

I also like that it's in the midwest, allowing neighboring states to see that the world does not end if you allow gay couples equal rights.

Some days I'm proud to be a Minnesotan (even if I'm a transplant).

Iowa also allows gay marriage, but that was decided by their supreme court. WI has both an (R) governor and a solidly (R) statehouse, so it's not likely for a few years yet in spite of their solidly progressive past.

An amendment to the Federal Constitution, last voted on in Congress in 2006, requires assent of 3/4 of the states. That would be 37.5, or rounded up to 38. Fifty minus 12: 38. So in order to pass, opponents of gay marriage would have to get every single other state in the union to assent, which seems unlikely.

I think at this point, any attempt to get such an amendment in the U.S. Constitution would backfire, just as the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the MN constitution backfired in 2012. I don't believe that this would have passed without that attempt.

I don't know how many more there will be before the end of the line - which will surely happen as we reach the reactionary states (30 have passed amendments to state constitutions proscribing it, mostly South and midwest), but after some (lengthy) period of time, perhaps the courts will recognize that equal rights are equal rights. It took them 100 years to recognize that skin color wasn't an adequate rationale for discrimination, and perhaps sexual orientation will follow, someday.

Well, Mississippi finally voted to end slavery this year, so anything is possible.

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