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Subject:  Re: 55 year old rule Date:  6/13/2013  4:25 PM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  25061 of 26342

Checked with my 401k and they do accept rolling money from external IRAs etc into my 401k plan. I don't see much of a downside, except I believe the trading commission is a little higher for stocks, I think $15 instead of $10, but I trade very rarely, maybe once every couple years. Also will incur trading costs as it looks like I will need to rollover cash then if I want to repurchase the 2 stocks I will incur trading costs again. Small change, but annoying nonetheless.

This will then let me start Roth contributions again through this backdoor scheme.

On the original topic....

SEPP is an option, but I would prefer the flexibility of getting the 55 year old rule. This is all just a hypothetical situation, not sure where I'll be financially in the next 5 or so years, just trying to learn about all my options... wound up learning a bunch about how to make this backdoor Roth scheme work...

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