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Subject:  Re: Charitable deduction question Date:  7/31/2013  1:03 PM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  118950 of 129722

"For the guy whose only donation is Salvation Army/Goodwill/St. Vincent dePaul, and has no donations other than household goods"
He didn't say only charity, he said favorite charity
Let's check what was said -
"whose favorite charity is Goodwill, and all they donate is used household items"
I'd say my re-statement is accurate.
I didn't say Goodwill was the only charity either.
If you feel I skipped a charity that I should have included with those 3, feel free to consider it included with an implicit "etc." - those 3 are the largest ones I know of for accepting donations of used household goods

If you were to look at my tax return, you would see that there are more entries for Goodwill than any other charity.
It isn't about whether most of the line items are to Goodwill - it's about when all of them are Goodwill and similar places.
Have all your donations to charities have been used household goods? You haven't made a donation to the local church? Or to boy/girl scouts? Or local school?
90% of the time when someone "gives" something to Goodwill it is not because they think of Goodwill as a great charity - it's because they want to get rid of stuff from their house/garage/apartment/storage/whatever.

If you don't understand why people would assume less than stellar motivation about someone who ONLY donates used household goods, I'm afraid I can't explain it. (And for those who postulate it's only what's documented/reported on taxes - who documents donating a household good donation, but doesn't bother documenting actual monetary donations? )
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