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Subject:  Re: IT's all a scam! Gov't comes clean Date:  9/6/2013  3:00 PM
Author:  AjaxofTelamon Number:  44818 of 84420

This statement is PSI's spin. And what exactly are these "harmful solar rays"?

UV Radiation. And UV Radiation causes skin cancer which means it is harmful - look it up.

The "harmful solar rays" being referred to are high-energy electrons from the solar wind. These electrons *never* reach the Earth's surface, whether the solar wind is active or not.

No. UV radiation from the sun is not electrons. UV radiation is very energetic shortwave radiation.

Think about it! -- do you really believe that the aurora are a significant source of heating...

UV radiation is not the aurora.

The way the aurora forms is simple: solar wind electrons collide with atoms in the Earth's atmosphere and in doing so occasionally excite one of these atoms to an excited energy level or state...

Nice, but who cares? Nobody is talking about electrons here or the aurora.

CO2 molecules do not block incoming solar radiation (except for a little bit in the infrared)

A little bit? 50% of solar radiation is infrared, what are you talking about?

And if CO2 is blocking infrared radiation from leaving the ground what makes you think that the same CO2 is not blocking infrared from reaching the ground?

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