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Subject:  ACA eliminates choice Date:  11/1/2013  12:01 PM
Author:  WendyBG Number:  1908258 of 2381073

In a free market, consumers are supposed to have choices. Obamacare (the ACA) eliminates the choice of a "substandard" health insurance plan (e.g. a high-deductible plan without pregnancy, pediatric or drug coverage) and forces everyone to buy a more expensive plan with broad coverage.

Why should I have to pay for pediatric dental care and pregnancy/ childbirth coverage? Why shouldn't I be allowed to take the risk of higher deductibles to reduce my per-month cost?

A recently-posted chart without clear sources showed that the ACA will raise out-of-pocket insurance costs for only 6% of the population. That seems like a "small category."

Now that new insurance marketplaces are opening, insurance companies are canceling millions of individual plans that fail to meet minimum standards.

Millions! That is not a "small" number of people. None of them are covered by employer insurance. It's hard to say whether employers will begin to drop company insurance, dumping more millions into this "small" category.

DH and I are in the "small category" of people whose health insurance costs will rise under the ACA. We are both healthy and have had catastrophic plans for many years. Under the ACA, our health insurance is going up 45%! We will be forced to pay $1100 per month! That is as much as a mortgage would be!

In WA State, one state which is being held up as a success, the vast majority of ACA signups are Medicaid. TPTB seem to be surprised that few paying customers are signing up. Too bad that the Medicaid subscribers will be a drain on the system because they will use a lot of health care but won't pay premiums. Why aren't the "rich" buyers of private health insurance signing up?

DUH! Many of the current buyers of private healthcare are self-employed or retirees who are too young for Medicare. How many families can suddenly cough up hundreds of dollars extra per month for any expenditure at all, let alone one they might not need (health insurance)? How many families can afford an extra mortgage?

There will be a nasty unintended consequence. By removing the choice of lower-cost "substandard" catastrophic policies, families may be forced to drop health insurance altogether even if they have to pay a penalty.

The U.S. needs a single-payer system. Barring that, the U.S. needs complete market freedom for the insurance industry to create a wide variety of policies.

Obamacare appears to be the worst of all worlds by pandering to the insurance companies and forcing everyone into the same government-mandated mold.

For centrists like me, the example of Obamacare might push us into the Republican camp (where many of us voted sometimes in the past)...if the Republicans have the sense to dump the crazy right wing fringe and return to traditional libertarian free-market Republicanism (which is unlikely to happen).

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