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Subject:  Re: Guns: Only Way to Stop Home Invasions Date:  12/9/2013  8:44 PM
Author:  JDCRex Number:  1913887 of 2381073

Why is it much less mathematically possible?

Because per capita there are vastly less guns here.

Of those thousands of people who are dying from guns, 2/3 are from suicide.

I'm not suggesting you are saying this, but it's hardly something to be glad about.

And the murder rate is still comparatively high in the US. Yes, there are specific influences like gangs that bump up the figures, but it's just not possible to argue that fomenting a culture where there are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation doesn't have an effect. Frankly, the best argument to be made is that you'd think the carnage would be even higher, but I doubt that people left to grieve after someone close to them has been killed worries much that the already obscene figure might be lower than could be conceived.

Is it your belief that in those countries that prohibit guns, but still have lots and lots of guns are only being supplied by the United States?

I don't quite follow your train of thought here - but since you've brought it up, Mexico (which doesn't prohibit guns) is heavily supplied with illegal weapons brought into the country from the USA - often purchased legally there.

But no - the US doesn't supply all the world's illegal guns. But what was the point of the question?
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