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Subject:  5 Tycoons Act On Inequality Gap Date:  2/24/2014  3:26 PM
Author:  spl241 Number:  1923864 of 2312867

Ron Unz....Silicon Valley tycoon.... publisher of The American Conservative, a libertarian-leaning mag....says a wage hike is the best way to reduce dependence on govt. programs....pouring his own money into a Nov. ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage in CA to $12 an hour in 2016.

Nick Hanauer, Seattle venture capitalist....early AMZ investor....started Internet company aQuantive, sold it to MSFT for $6.4B.....doesn't consider himself a job creator....says what we need is more money in the hands of regular consumers.....advocates raising taxes on the rich like himself and hiking the minimum wage to an "ungodly" $15/hr.

Steve of Innovative Interfaces, a software company creating tech for 100's of college and university libraries....advocates tying corporate tax rates to the difference in pay between the CEO and an average worker....produced Robt. Reich's documentary "Inequality for All." Reich called him "one of the quiet leaders of the entire movement toward wider prosperity." Silverstein liked Henry Ford idea of paying the men on his lines enough so that they could buy a Ford, too.

Leo Hindery, NYC media and investing of 100's of wealthy people directly asking Congress to raise their taxes as a member of Patriotic Millionaires....has actually turned down raises so he never makes more than 20X the salary of of the biggest Dem fundraisers in the nation.------>. "How can we believe in the American dream when 10% of the people have half the nation's income? It's immoral, I think it's unethical, but I also think that it's bad economics. The only people who can take exception to this are people who want to get super-rich and don't care what happens to the nation as a whole."

#5: A really rich guy named Warren who convinced people like Zuckerberg, Boone Pickens, and Bloomberg to give away at least half their wealth.
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