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Subject:  1040 for deceased taxpayer Date:  3/8/2014  6:44 PM
Author:  stockmover Number:  120399 of 132553

My FIL passed away in 2013, therefore I will be preparing his final 2013 return. He had a very small estate, so in our state (which is also his state), it is not required to go through probate. He did not have a will so my DW is the official personal representative and now has control of his assets.

1) I need to know if I can file his final 1040 return electronically? I have read IRS Pub 559 and it states that I can file it electronically. However, I seem to recall seeing where a paper return was required with the word DECEASED written on the top of the 1040.

2) I may need to file for an extension for his return due to a missing 1099-R document (see item 3) if not received prior to 4/15/14 .

I know I can file for an extension electronically using Form 4868. If so, do I use my FIL name, my address his SS# etc? I’ve read the IRS instructions for this form, but I did not see anything in regard to preparing a 4868 for a deceased taxpayer? This may be a moot question because I also "guesstimated" that he should receive a refund on his 2013 return, so do I really need to file a 4868 since the IRS states there is no penalty for filing a late return if one is due a refund.

3) DW has contacted the US Army on 2/18/14 regarding the missing 1099-R relating to his Military Pension, but as of today 3/8/14 we have not received anything from the Army. Has anyone else experienced this type of situation, and if so, any advice on how to expedite the 1099-R would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there is a TMF board which may be more appropriate for this question, please let me know.

Thank you,

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