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Subject:  Re: Budget Help Date:  4/1/2014  5:11 PM
Author:  TheEvilDrP Number:  308097 of 312858

Hey yddeyma,

I would look around for term insurance unless you all are morbidly obese (I see you referenced being fat.) When I was pregnant with TW, I was 170lbs and 34, and able to get $500k of term insurance for $250/yr which works out to about $21/mth. That's a fairly significant savings. My life insurance is with Protective...Progressive...heck, I don't remember but I'm sure I found them through one of those online multi-agency quoting websites like esurance.

As far as food goes, we love those frozen veg packets you can get that pop right into the microwave to steam veggies. I try to pick them up when they are on sale for $1/bag. Yes, it is probably more costly than fresh but it's EASIER (no prep, just pop in the microwave in the bag) guaranteeing they will be cooked and eaten as opposed to sitting in the fridge going bad while I order pizza.

You can get coupons to bring that cost down even further but...that brings its own pain with it know, YMMV. :-)

Your electric seems a bit high; is that the average thanks to the cold winter?

How are you planning to get rid of the daycare costs? Is that due to one of you staying home with the children? If not, and it looks like not due to the comment of saving the second salary, I would plan on childcare costs until your youngest turns 12 or 13. I know, some peeps might think that a bit old however, better safe than sorry and some kids just aren't mature enough to stay home by themselves even at twelve. Of course, the two of you could arrange your schedules to accommodate by one of you going in early enough to be the pickup parent and one going in late enough to be the dropoff parent. If you are planning on using aftercare, though, you will still have a significant expense.

"Shopping: Books" can go, though it pains me to say that. You probably have a library and if not, there are many free websites where you can read books. Heck, even Amazon has a Kindle app for computers.

You have "shopping" and "other shopping" which for me indicates a need to recategorize where you are spending those funds.

Try for kids' clothes and other stuff; I use it to give away stuff all the time. Also make friends with peeps whose kids are just slightly older and younger than yours, and start a hand-me-down trend. I mail TW's clothes to my cousin for her four boys and I "shop" in my nephew's closet for his next year or two whenever I visit my sister. Salvation Army has $1 frequently to get rid of stuff; my sister, who is also quite plump, finds lots of great clothes in her size there and buys a couple of years ahead for the kids whenever she sees something for $1 or less.

I hope that's helpful to you and perhaps sparks some more ideas. :-)

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