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Subject:  Saturday night check-in Date:  4/5/2014  8:52 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  14977 of 15022

So how's everybody doing?

What are you up to?

I am guessing there are always someone here, just quiet. Personally, I'm not very quiet in here. LOL. Just trying to shake off the dust in here. It has been since February, two months ago since the last post, so just hopping in.

Would love to hear how anyone else is doing.

For myself, I'd say I'm okay enough. Enough rocking to know I'm around.

Misc. activity lately is I am struggling to deal with all the unhealthy people in my life. Only recently recognized (or remembered) that all the negative people in my life is a reflection of me in some fashion. I started to remember this aspect when I was recently complaining to myself about recent conflicts (since the fall) I have had with acquaintances or so-called friends. I am codependent personality and have surrounded myself with people who are needy, or even predatory. I've weeded out a few such people within the last few months though still dealing with different outcomes and circumstances. It will be something I need to continue to manage and deal with for sometime. The hardest part of all this is finding ways to pay attention to positive and life-affirming people I come across, even if just casual encounters. I have to retrain myself to recognize these in small daily encounters, or just observations in the media and online.

Also I have a small goal I want to share. For the last few days (since Wednesday, I think) is see how long I can go before I drink alcohol. On Wednesday, I finished the last of some cheap wine I had. I love booze. I drink mostly cheap beer, but I'll dabble in what is around. Don't think I'm an alcoholic by many standards, except that I know I rely on alcohol to help me deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. A primary motivation for me for now is I spend too much money on booze (beer or other) when I am on a fixed budget.

Oh, yeah. And started to realize a few weeks ago, I am officially perimenopausal.

I'm in perimenopause! LOL! Some mixed emotions about it, but much more positive about it as I think of it more over time.

That's just what's been on my mind lately.

Love to hear what you'd like to share.

- slowly there
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