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Subject:  Re: Budget Help Date:  4/7/2014  9:58 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  308178 of 312957

What could your kids possibly be doing for activities that cost $80 per month?


Okay had to get that out of my system. I've got two boys, aged eleven and ten years.

Now certainly none of the following things are necessary, and could easily be cut out of a budget if so desired. But I spend about $80 per month JUST on hockey for ONE of my two boys. They both do it. Plus they're in scouts, wrestling, chess club, baseball, etc. Then there are summer camps, field trips, swimming/pool access, etc. My eleven year old has Aspergers; I don't know if tutors, therapists and the like could be grouped in with "kids' activities" or not, but I've got the spending regardless.

Granted, these are all frivolous choices we make. Well, not the therapists I suppose. (I haven't touched on the actual medical costs cuz I figure that's a different category.) My kids are spoiled. I know it. I'm just pointing out that if one wants to make such choices, the list of costly activities that kids could possibly be doing is rich and long.
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