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Subject:  Re: Self Insurance of a Different Kind Date:  5/30/2014  9:23 AM
Author:  JLC Number:  75113 of 104364

This is a big slippery slope.

Biggest point to make, there is a difference between comfort care/hospice care (which some can call passive assisted suicide) and active assisted suicide.

The former, the patient and family have forgone actively treating a disease and all heroic life saving measures. Nutrition and hydration may or may not be continued. Pain medications can be given in various amounts, even to the point of causing respiratory depression/cessation ultimately leading to death. This I have no problems with occurring.

Active assisted suicide, purposefully giving medication with the specific intent to end the life right then and there, is where I start to fear the slippery slope and get that queasy feeling. Sure it seems like a no brainer in a patient that has cancer, multiple mets, less than 6 weeks much less 6 months to live. Then you get characters like Jack Kevorkian stepping in with questionable morals/ethics and sign a few papers, video a confession/request, and you start "assisting" people that have 2, 3, or 5 years left who just happen to be very afraid of being incapacitated/burdened. Then you start raising the question of babies born with severe malformations, why waste time, money, and effort to grow a vegetable? The possibilities become exponential to where you can end up like "Logan's Run", happy 30th birthday, it will be your last.

While some countries might appear to have rules/guidelines/safe guards for active assisted suicide, there have been enough stories/studies/reports to show that the system can easily be abused.

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