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Subject:  Re: Attitude Question - SS Date:  3/15/2016  3:09 PM
Author:  THEMATHISNEAR Number:  79353 of 97960

As it is, I am unable to reconcile the complaints that "people don't get back what they put in", and yet apparently the system is disgorging so much money that "it is going broke." Either people (in aggregate) are getting more out than they put in, or the system isn't going broke. Which is it?

It's quite simple, really. Because the money is never 'invested', there is never a 'return on investment', so people get around a 1% annual return, because they technically get more back than they put it, but it's still WAY lower than they could have obtained if the money hadn't been TAKEN from them. A 50/50 stock/bond index, or even a 30/30/40 stock/bond/cash investment would do FAR better than SS. But SS is just a transfer system, or a Ponzi scheme, depending on one's definitions.

But given the recent spike in SSDI abuse, it's also actually going broke. It's also interesting that black men do worst, and actually have a NEGATIVE return from SS because of mortality.

The Social Security system has worked pretty well for 80 years, far longer than most insurance companies have been in business, and unlike more than 1,000 of them which are no longer in business - it is still paying benefits to millions of seniors across the country.

Your reasoning is akin to falling off a building and saying how wonderful things are as you're passing the 10th floor.
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