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Subject:  Re: Credit card processing Date:  4/18/2016  7:29 PM
Author:  Jeanwa Number:  310428 of 312970

Yes, as a matter of fact I have.

I even did an application. Now before they can go further they are saying the underwriter wants my income statement and tax return. We've been an executive member since 1986.

My existing service has a $10.00 monthly service fee.

Evalon's rates are less, but there is a min. of $20.00 per month about half the months we didn't reach that min. with our current service. Our business is pretty seasonal.

Qualified is 1.22% and $.12

Mid-qualified 1.99% and $.19

Non-qualified is 3.35% and $.29

Opt Rewards is 1.99% and $.19

Opt Commercial is 2.65% and $.25

The nice thing is it's showing 0.00% and $.12 for debits. During Plant season I have a lot of debits, but that is only 2 months

That $20.00 min. monthly eats up a lot for us.
Last year our highest month was $334.77 in fees, 4 months were below the 20.00 min even with the $10.00 monthly fee the provider charges me now.

I'm looking into Squareup. A friend is using them. It's 2.75% for every swiped transaction and 3.50% + $.15 for keyed transactions. No monthly fees.

It hooks into your phone or tablet. I'm not sure how it hooks to the computer and how to print out a receipt. I'm not sure about it taking a Corp of Engineers card.
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